Plotagraph - Animate Your Still Photos

This is a still photo! (please give it a moment to load)

This is a still photo! (please give it a moment to load)

I have a confession to make: I've become obsessed with Plotagraphs.

You can see some galleries that I've created at the links below (be patient, it may take a moment to load depending on your Internet speed):

Plotagraph Gallery 1

Plotagraph Gallery 2

Plotagraph Gallery 3 (warning: mild semi-nudity, maybe NSFW)

These are not videos, they are still photos of mine that I have animated using a new software called Plotagraph (rhymes with photograph).

Ever since getting my hands on it, I can't stop animating my photos.

And, unlike what you might expect, these are not difficult or time-consuming.  On the contrary, most of them literally take me about three or four minutes to make.

But even at that pace, I can't keep up with my imagination, because I am constantly thinking of more photos from my collection that have "animation potential."  

I think of them in the shower.  I think of them when I should be sleeping.  It's becoming a kind of addiction.

If you try it, you may find that you become benevolently addicted as well.

Here are a few things that I love about Plotagraphs:

  1. They really set your photos apart.  If you want your photo to catch people's eye, or even stop them in their tracks, this will do it.
  2. You can share them on web pages, in blog posts, in photo galleries, Facebook, Instagram, PowerPoint, etc.
  3. They are quick and easy to create.
  4. They bring to life old photos from your collection that you had almost forgotten, photos with previously undiscovered potential.
  5. Creating them is a blast.  I hold my breath every time I click the Play button, waiting to see what will happen.

Here is what I don't love about Plotagraphs:

1. The price.

This software is expensive, because it's new, it's powerful, and there's nothing else like it.  Plus, it's a subscription, which is annoying, but the upside is, you can unsubscribe any time.  Even after one month.  And you can keep all the Plotagraphs you created and downloaded, so there's no risk to trying it.

As always, I negotiated on your behalf and got the makers of Plotagraph to deeply discount it for my audience (that's you).

In fact, they're taking a big risk on me.  Because their software is so new, and because I have a large and eager photography audience, they were willing to experiment by offering you an unprecedented discount (for a very limited time) as a test.

Plotagraph is normally $297 per year, as an annual subscription.  Even the monthly subscription rate of $29 is pretty steep.

But I talked them into letting you have it for just $19.99.

Learn more and get it here for $19.99

That price is valid if you sign up this week only.

That's a monthly subscription rate, but there is no obligation to continue.  You can stop any time you like.   And you can make as many Plotagraphs as you like while you are subscribed, and you can download them, so they are yours forever.

If you want to try this on your photos, now is the time to get it.

(Another thing that's great is that if you buy it from my discounted links here, they will share some of the proceeds with me, which helps me keep making free tutorials for you.)

If you you try it, please put links in the comments below to your Plotagraph galleries, so we can all see what you create.

Use this link to get the Steele subscriber discount

And by the way, even if you don't want to buy it, click the link to view their web page, because the photos there will blow you away.  They make mine look like amateur work.

Now, back to making more Plotagraphs...I just thought of a photo with animation potential....

— Phil

P.S.  Check out this example from a subscriber of mine who just got the software hours ago and in already putting it to use.  He left this in the comments below but I was so impressed I moved it up here so you could see it:


"You're right...this could be very addictive! And yes, the price initially put me way off. But after seeing the video you made here on your blog, I decided I'd give a shot for a month or two. Plus, I realized that if this nets me just one more client booking per month due to the cool factor, it's more than paid for it's price for a year!

I just did my first test photo...and uploaded it to the banner image on the Couples Portraits page of my website:

Thanks for sharing your cool idea, and the discount.
Bodhi, Honolulu"

P.P.S. Here's another example submitted in the comments below that I enjoyed enough to move up here:

"This software is very quick to learn. I know there's more advanced techniques but I was able to create this one less than an hour after downloading the program. Would have been in faster if I hadn't played around with the direction of the motion.  Marie R"