Photo Art with Off-Camera Flash

Imagine my surprise when these showed up in my Inbox...

Artist: Lou Ann Donahue Artist Website — Click to Enlarge

My friend Sebastian Michaels gave some of his Photoshop Artistry students a few photos from my Advanced Off-Camera Flash Course to play around with.

I was delighted to see what these talented artists did with my photos.  Clearly they thought these couple shots from my "bridge shoot" looked like something destined for high-end advertising.  

Lou Ann Donahue Artist Website — Click to Enlarge

Artist: Georgia Tielemans — Click to Enlarge

Louise Campbell  Artist Website

Louise Campbell Artist Website

Artist: Janet Sipl — Click to Enlarge

If you'd like to learn to do this kind of Photoshop art, you can find Sebastian's course here:

Photoshop Artistry with Sebastian Michaels

And if you'd like to see how I took the photos that were used in these compositions, you can get my new course here:

Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography