First Look — Zhiyun Smooth 3 Smartphone Stabilizer

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In this video, I'll show you my first test of the new Zhiyun Smooth 3 smartphone stabilizing gimbal.

Now, if you are worried (because of this and my recent mention of an iPhone photography course) that I have given up the DSLR in favor of smartphones, have no fear.
In fact, my next free video will be on a DSLR photography topic that dozens of you have asked me to address. 
But while I haven't given up the DSLR, or my many mirrorless cameras, I have to agree with the old adage that "the best camera is the one you have with you."  
And much of the time, the camera I have with me is my smartphone.  
That's why I'm trying to get better at using it.  Especially after the humbling experience that I wrote about recently.
So, while I work on my next DSLR video this week, I hope you'll enjoy this look at one more cool thing you can do with your smartphone camera.
Happy shooting!

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