Ten Years of Photography Experience in One Hour

One of my favorite photography instructors, Shmuel Diamond, has created a new video course called "Power Insights" in which he gives you ten years of photography experience in one hour. 

Here are two samples from the hour-long course:

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Topics include:

  • How to pose groups of people

  • How to get rid of reflections in glasses

  • What to do with people's hands in photos

  • How to control the movement of the viewer's eye in your photo

  • How to create drama by small changes to your subject's position

  • When to use on-camera vs. off-camera flash

  • When to use fill flash in daylight

  • Lighting situations to avoid at all costs

  • How selective focus can improve a photo (and what to focus on)

  • And much more!

This may be the most practical, information-packed photography video series I've ever seen.

In this "Power Insights" video series, Diamond has distilled the principles from 10 years of event-photography experience into a super-efficient one-hour video series (consisting of four 15-minute videos).

There is no wasted time here.  Diamond quickly walks you through hundreds of his own photos, showing before-and-after comparisons from actual shooting situations.

There is no better, or faster, way to learn!

Diamond is both a master photographer and a master educator.

Your time is valuable, and that's why I'm so excited by this format.  I love the fact that Diamond doesn't waste a second.

I've already watched this one-hour course twice, and I plan to watch it again. That's how good this is.

You can can get the “Power Insights” course here